My Art

Throughout my life I have painted man in various symbolic versions and always with similar meaning. That is, man and his life and soul, his feelings and suffering. These are questions that people have always considered, and I want to describe my view of existentialism in my art.

The nudity in my paintings is symbolic and there is nothing in common with worldly desires. I also associate hair and gender with worldly life. My characters have been deprived of these attributes, they have no gender and no hair. There are no material things in the spaces where my characters are located. I describe expressions and connections with human emotions in worlds that we normally cannot see. Worlds where there is sensitivity, love, empathy and boundless understanding.

My paintings are well connected with the music I listen to while painting. I meditative process my mind before I creating a new painting and need to find “the right song” which I listen to over and over again.

Additional expression builds through thick texture and large format. This is my painting style.


Selected Exhibitions and Events      

  • Medlem Svenska Konstnärsförbundet 2022
  • Månadenskonstnär Helsingborg Konstförening December 2021
  • Avanguardian Online December 2021
  • Varberg Kulturhus Komendianten september 2021
  • VSKG Malmö oktober 2021
  • Engleson Galleri Malmö maj 2021
  • Avanguardian London april-maj 2021
  • Galleri Engleson Malmö oktober 2020
  • Galleriveckan Kv. Caroli Malmö september 2020
  • Galleri Engleson Stockholm augusti 2020
  • Romele Konsthall augusti 2020
  • Jurybedömning Romele Konsthall augusti 2020
  • Gaude Mater Konsthall Polen augusti 2020
  • Jäger & Janson Galleri Lund juli-augusti 2020
  • RiverCity Gallery Göteborg juni 2020
  • Smygehus november 2019-februari 2020
  • Kensington London GB februari 2020
  • Påskrundan, Öppen ateljé april 2019
  • Torups Slott april 2019
  • Påskrundan, Öppen ateljé 2018
  • Torups Slott 2018
  • Påskrundan, Öppen ateljé 2017
  • Torups Slott 2017
  • Påskrundan, Öppen ateljé 2016
  • Torups Slott 2016
  • Konsthallen i Fogdaröd 2016
  • Stadshuset Malmö 2016
  • Varierade utställningar Polen 1989-2008


  • 1991: Graduated from 5 year art college with professional title Ceramic artist
  • 2001: Graduated from art university with a master and specialty in graphic art.

  • 2004: Art teacher in elementary school.

  • 2004: Owner of a gallery.

  • 2012: Member in KRO Sweden.

  • 2012: Art teacher in a Maria Montessori school.

  • 2015: Member in VSKG Sweden

  • 2015 Full time artist with focus on creating

  • 2017 New Studio

  • 2018 New ceramic Studio

  • 2019 Owner of a gallery

  • 2020 Focused 24/7 on exhibitions and creating art

  • 2022 Member in Svensk Konstnärsförbundet

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